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Self-Completed Safety Survey

The Fire Marshals office has developed this program in an effort to help the businesses in our community be better prepared against the adverse effects of fire. If you received a notice via mail, or by a visit from the Fire District, you have been selected to complete this self-survey.

Please answer all of the questions completely and honestly. If you need assistance you may contact our offices at 801-782-3580 and a member of the Fire Marshal’s office will assist you or arrange to perform an inspection of your business with you.

Weber Fire District collects the data submitted and the data is recorded on the property/business record. Contact information is used to establish after-hour emergency contact information in the event of an emergency or if there is a need to contact the owner/representative for inspection purposes.

Completion of this form does not exempt your business from inspection. Inspections are conducted randomly by the Fire District, and your business may still receive a visit from our personnel. All questions are based upon the adopted fire code (International Fire Code as adopted by Utah State and Weber Fire District). For code references please contact the Fire Marshals office at 801-782-3580 ext. 205.


Go to the form here: Take The Safety Survey

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