Burn Permits & Agricultural Burning

The Open Burn Period is: 
Burn Permit Status


Burning Regulations 

Open Burning is regulated by the Utah Division of Air Quality (DAQ) and is a source of air pollution. There are statewide rules in place that regulate open burning activities to help minimize emissions and ensure that the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQX) are met. Modifications to burning rules occurred in 2013 and were issued by Utah State Division of Air Quality. These changes include a statewide requirement to obtain a Utah Division of Air Quality's online Open Burn Permit Application. 

There are two types of burning

(Open & Agricultural): 

Open Burning

The DAQ rules governing open burning can be found in the Utah Administrative Code (UAC) R307-202. This Rule allows open burning of: 

"Clippings, bushes, plants and pruning's from trees incident to property

and residential clean-up activities."

Open Burn Windows are tentatively: 

Spring: March 30th - May 30th

Fall: September 15th - October 30th 

The Utah Division of Air Quality's Online Open Burn Permit Application MUST be completed, and issued by the

DAQ prior to burning. 

Click above to access the

Burn Permit Application. 

After the application is completed and submitted, a copy is sent electronically to Weber Fire District. 

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Airshed Clearing Index


In order obtain a permit or burn once a permit is obtained the clearing index must be above 500 (we are airshed 5)

When burning is not on the same day the permit is issued or the permit is for more than one day, notification by applicant to Dispatch (801) 395-8221 is required on each day of burning. 

Open Burn Permits will be issued for a two (2) week period and is valid only on the lands specified in the permit.


Permit is required to be on site at the time of the burn with a person(s) monitoring the burn.


All materials to be burned must be clearly described and quantified in the application.


Applicants must be aware of any and all local, state, and federal rules and regulations applicable to their area. 

 Open Burning Rules: 

The Clearing index must be 500 or greater

A DAQ Permit must be obtained and permit

must be on site

Burn in small piles

Burning must be 50 feet from any structure

Fires must be constantly attended

Method of extinguishment must be on site, such as: garden hose connected to water source; fire extinguisher with a 4A rating; shovels and buckets. 


Agricultural Burning: 

Please contact

Weber Fire District

prior to starting your Agricultural Burn 


Agricultural burning is defined by the

Utah State Code 11-7-1(2) as:

“..the burning of irrigation ditches, fields, or fence lines.”  

Utah State Tax Code 59-2-503 defines agriculture land as; 

"Land being over 5 acres in size used for agricultural purposes."

To qualify for Agricultural Burning you MUST: 

  • Have land zoned as agricultural land. 

  • Have agricultural land over 5 acres in size AND used for any of these purposes: 

    • Land used for farming and crop production. ​

    • Land used for livestock grazing.

    • Ditch banks associated with farmland or crop production areas. 

    • Open fields

If your property does not meet these qualifications, please follow the guidelines for OPEN BURINGING listed above

NOTE: If smoke is offensive to occupants of surrounding property, or the fire is determined to be hazardous, the

fire then becomes a public nuisance

and must be extinguished. 



Fire Warden


Rick Cooper


801-782-3580 ext. 206