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Weber Fire District Notice of Privacy Practices

Weber Fire District cares about your privacy, we use the minimal extent of information we need to provide you with services, we safeguard your data and we do not monetize it or improperly share it. We are committed to protecting privacy and are dedicated to safeguarding your personal information, particularly sensitive health data. As mandated by law, we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your health information, referred to as "protected health information" or "PHI." This Privacy Policy Notice outlines our legal obligations, privacy practices, and your rights regarding your PHI. Please read this document thoroughly.





Detailed Notice of Privacy Practices

Purpose of This Notice: This Privacy Policy explains how we handle your information when you interact with us, describes your rights, informs you of our privacy practices, and elucidates how Weber Fire District is authorized to use and disclose your PHI.


Who We Are and How to Reach Us

The Weber Fire District is a full-time, special services district that provides, emergency and non-emergency fire and medical services, as well as planning, prevention, and education to six incorporated cities and the unincorporated regions of Weber County. We operate the website

Our Administrative Offices are located at:

Weber Fire District Station 61

2023 West 1300 North

Farr West, UT 84404


A list of our administrative staff with their email addresses can be found on our website.


Information We May Collect and How We Use It

We may collect and use the following information when you interact with us:

  • Voluntarily provided information, such as contact details, name, email address, and phone number.

  • Automatically collected information, such as cookies or usage data.

  • Information is used to respond to your inquiries and provide requested services.

  • We may use your information to improve our services and website functionality.


Keeping Your Information Secure

We care about your privacy. We only share your information when necessary. Your data’s safety is our priority and have taken adequate steps to protect it. We employ technical and organizational security measures to safeguard your information.


Note on Records Classification

Personally identifiable information is not a classification of records under Utah Code Section 63G, Chapter 2, Government Records Access, and Management Act.


Your Legal Rights and Complaints

You have the right to file a complaint with us or with the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services if you believe your privacy rights have been violated. You will not face retaliation for filing a complaint.

Uses and Disclosures of Your PHI We Can Make Without Your Authorization

Weber Fire District may use or disclose your PHI without your authorization in the following circumstances:


Treatment: This includes information obtained about you and used for your medical condition and treatment provided by us or other medical personnel. It encompasses sharing information with healthcare personnel involved in your care and treatment, as well as transferring PHI via radio or telephone to hospitals or dispatch centers.

Payment: Activities necessary for reimbursement for services provided, including organizing PHI, submitting bills to insurance companies, managing billed claims, and performing medical necessity determinations.

Healthcare Operations: Quality assurance activities, training programs, legal and financial services, business planning, processing grievances, and creating reports that do not individually identify you.

Fundraising: Weber Fire District does not engage in fundraising activities using PHI.


Other Uses and Disclosures of Your PHI We Can Make Without Authorization

- Including treatment activities of other healthcare providers.

- Payment activities of the provider or entity that receives the information (such as the hospital or insurance company).

- Healthcare operations activities of receiving entities, if the entity receiving the information has or has had a relationship with you and the PHI pertains to that relationship.

- Healthcare fraud and abuse detection related to compliance with the law.

- Reporting to public health authorities in certain situations (such as reporting a birth, death, or disease, as required by law), as part of a public health investigation, to report child or adult abuse, neglect, or domestic violence, to report adverse events such as product defects, or to notify a person about exposure to a possible communicable disease, as required by law.

- For Health oversight activities including audits or government investigations, inspections, disciplinary proceedings, and other administrative or judicial actions undertaken by the government (or their contractors) by law to oversee the healthcare system.

- For judicial and administrative proceedings, law enforcement activities, military and national defense activities, workers’ compensation purposes, and disclosures to coroners, medical examiners, and funeral directors.

- If you are an organ donor, we may release health information to organizations that handle organ procurement, or transplantation, as necessary to facilitate the donation or transplantation.

- For research projects, this will be subject to strict oversight and approvals and only when there is minimal risk to your privacy and adequate safeguards are in place in accordance with the law.

Uses and Disclosures of Your PHI That Require Your Written Consent

Any other use or disclosure of PHI, not listed above, will only be made with your written authorization. This includes psychotherapy notes, marketing activities for which payment is received, and the sale of PHI. You may revoke your authorization at any time, except where we have already relied on it.


Your Rights Regarding Your PHI

As a patient, you have several rights regarding your PHI:

Right to Access, Copy, or Inspect Your PHI: You have the right to access and copy most of the medical information we collect and maintain about you. Requests should be made in writing. In limited circumstances, we may deny you access to your medical information, and you may appeal certain types of denials. Forms are available upon request. Responses will be provided in writing.

Right to Request Amendment of Your PHI: You may request amendments to your PHI by making a written request to our Compliance Officer. We will amend your information within 60 days when required by law. We are permitted by law to deny your request in certain circumstances, such as when we believe that the information you have asked us to amend is correct.

Right to Request an Accounting of Uses and Disclosures of Your PHI: You have a right to and may request in writing an accounting of disclosures of your PHI made within six (6) years preceding your request, except for certain disclosures. But we are not required to provide you with an accounting of disclosures of your PHI: (a) for purposes of treatment, payment, or healthcare operations; (b) for disclosures that you expressly authorized; (c) disclosures made to you, your family or friends, or (d) for disclosures made for law enforcement or certain other governmental purposes.

Right to Request Restrictions on Uses and Disclosures of Your PHI: You have a right to and may request in writing restrictions on the use and disclosure of your PHI for treatment, payment, or healthcare operations purposes, or to restrict the information that is provided to family, friends, and other individuals involved in your healthcare. Although we may not always be able to accommodate these requests.

Right to Notice of a Breach of Unsecured PHI: If a breach of your unsecured PHI occurs, we will notify you promptly by mail to the most current address on file.

Right to Request Confidential Communications: You have a right and may request in writing that we send your PHI to an alternate location (e.g. somewhere other than your home address) or in a specific manner (e.g. by email rather than regular mail). However, compliance is subject to reasonable requests and legal requirements.


Internet, Email, and the Right to Obtain Copy of Paper Notice

If we maintain a website, we will prominently post a copy of this Notice on our Website and make the Notice available electronically through the website. If you allow us, we will forward you this Notice by electronic mail instead of on paper and you may always request a paper copy of the Notice.


Revisions to the Notice

Weber Fire District reserves the right to change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time. Any material changes will be promptly posted on our website, if available. You can obtain the latest version of this Privacy Policy by contacting our office.


Effective Date of the Notice: May 2024

WFD-Notice of Privacy Practices

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