Fire Prevention

Weber Fire District takes an active effort in fire prevention through public education, plan reviews, code enforcement and fire origin and cause investigation.

The Fire Marshal’s office is responsible for the enforcement of the current adopted State and local rules, laws and codes.

The Fire Marshal and Deputy Fire Marshal are both trained and certified Special Functions Officers (Peace Officers) or Law Enforcement officers in the State of Utah.

Self Completed Safety Survey

If you have been asked to complete a self completed safety survey please click here:

Current Code Information:

Current Fire Code: 2018 International Fire Code as adopted by the State of Utah.

Appendixes Adopted by Weber Fire District: Appendix A; B (with amendments); C; D.

Wildland Interface Code: 2006 Utah Wildland Urban Interface Code applies to all structures built in the interface areas.

Plan Review Information:

Weber Fire District requires developers to submit plans for all new development. This includes site plans, civil drawings as well as construction drawings. For information regarding whether or not you need to submit plans, please contact the Fire Marshal at 801-782-3580 ext 205.  Please allow up to 14 working days for the review process.

Electronic Plan Submission:

For your convenience, we are able to accept most plans via email. Click here to obtain a plan submittal check list:  Plan submittal checklist. Approved plans will not be released until payment is made for the review and any other applicable fees (see fee schedule below).  The submittal application form must be submitted along with each set of plans: Plan Submittal Check In. Please complete this form and submit with the plans.


Fire Protection Systems:

Permit Required: Beginning January 1 2015, all fire protection systems require a permit to be taken out PRIOR to installation.  The permit fee covers up to two (2) inspections. Additional inspections are subject to an additional fee (see fee schedule below).

A copy of the permit must be kept on the job site and must be available upon request by any building or fire inspector. Failure to have the permit may result in a Stop-Work Order being issued.

Fee Schedule:

Beginning March 16th, 2020, the Weber Fire District Board of Trustees approved a new fee schedule.  

Click here to view the fee schedule: WFD Fee Schedule – 2020

Beginning November 1, 2019, the Weber Fire District Board of Trustees approved a revised Fire Impact Fee Facilities Plan and Impact Fee Schedule. Click here to view the impact fee schedule: Impact Fee Schedule 2020

Inspection Requests:

If your business requires an inspection, please call our main offices to arrange an inspection (801-782-3580).  Some inspections may be completed by our Engine companies, while others will require a member of the Fire Prevention Division.  

Please allow for at least a 3  working day notice for any inspection request.

Weber Fire District Area Map:

The following map is for your reference when determining if your project falls within the jurisdictional boundaries of Weber Fire District (grid references are for internal use). If you have a question whether you are in our area or not, please feel free to contact us directly.

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