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2023 Fire & Fireworks Restriction Notice - Stage 1

Updated: Jul 20, 2023


Due to current weather conditions and the heightened risk of wildland fires across Weber County, Utah, the State Division of Forestry Fire & State Lands, in cooperation with Weber Fire District, will be implementing stage 1 fire restrictions starting from July 20, 2023. These restrictions will be applicable to all unincorporated areas of Weber County east of Harrison Blvd. and the Upper Ogden Valley.

NO Fireworks (*see maps) - East of Harrison Blvd/Upper Ogden Valley. NO Primitive fires. NO Open burning. NO Welding/Grinding without a permit.

Campfires in APPROVED fire pits, permanent dwellings, improved campgrounds, or day-use areas are permitted, following these guidelines:

25’ from combustible materials. NO larger than 3’ wide 2’ high. ALWAYS attended by an adult. A means to extinguish the fire. COMPLETELY extinguished when done!

Conditions can vary significantly throughout Weber County, so it is crucial for everyone to exercise caution and practice good #FireSense.

Please note that different jurisdictions may have their own specific rules and restrictions. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the regulations applicable to your city, county, and state.

Let's all prioritize safety and prevent wildfires!

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